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What Can We Do For You?

The XCite Instructional Design team assists faculty with the integration of technology into the learning environment, in addition to applying sound pedagogical strategies to engage students and meet course outcomes. Whether it’s a tech-enhanced activity, a hybrid classroom or fully online courses, the Instructional Design team is available for consultation to scope your course design needs. The team also offers UCR instructors a variety of instructional technology and course design learning opportunities throughout the year.

The XCite​ Instructional Design model ​sets out the process used when ​AE instructional designers collaborate with faculty on the design of their courses. Depending on course needs, the design may not include all elements. If you would like a course design consultation send your request to xcite@ucr.edu. Please include the course number, name, short description, how many students, and delivery method (e.g., hybrid, online or face-to-face). Include a syllab​us​ if you have one.

More than Technology

Teaching an academic course is more than the content or technology used to deliver it. Good instructors not only give riveting lectures, but facilitate learning experiences which give their students opportunities to work with the topic content, and grow toward mastery of the course learning outcomes. UCR Instructors have an expanding array of options for engaging students in learning opportunities, from technology-enhanced and flipped classrooms, to hybrid and fully online learning environments. 

Even the most tech-savvy instructor can be overwhelmed by all the choices and knowing where to begin identifying the best strategies to employee in the classroom. The XCite team Instructional Designers (IDs) are qualified to not only support an instructor’s integration of technology into the educational experience, but also work with instructors to apply research-based pedagogical strategies into the course design. The Instructional Designers are available to work with instructors and guide them through the various stages of course development, regardless if it is a new course or a redesign of an existing course that has been taught for many years.

Expert Help When You Need It

UCR Instructors are experts in their field and know what information is essential for their students to succeed. The XCite IDs are experts in assisting instructors through each stage of the course development process by helping to:

  • brainstorm instructional activities to deepen student learning opportunities,
  • identify the best educational technology to assist in delivering the learning experience,
  • apply research-based, and best practices in pedagogical design,
  • oversee the production of various course elements including; lecture videos, multimedia, and development of the course within the learning management system (LMS),
  • recommend course assessment strategies for applying to research,
  • provide support throughout the course delivery over the quarter,
  • follow-up after a course’s completion to access future course improvements.

Here for Your Success

The XCite team Instructional Designers are available to support all UCR instructors in the design, development and delivery of an engaging learning environment for our students. Whether an instructor wants to create a few supplemental lecture recordings, rethink learning activities or design a completely new course, the Academic Engagement team IDs are here to support instructor success, and design an optimal learning experience for students.

An Award Winning UCR Team

The UCR XCite Team received the Online Learning Consortium's award for Excellence in Faculty Development for Online Teaching in December 2017. The OLC Awards recognize the tremendous advances in digital learning that result from the ideas and initiatives of individuals and colleges and universities around the world. Read more about the awards.