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STIR 2019

Summer Teaching Institute, Riverside (STIR)

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The STIR Institute is designed for both experienced UCR faculty and instructors who are new to online teaching.


This research-based preparation for college and university teaching is designed to immerse UCR instructors in the student experience of online/hybrid learning. The emphasis will be on helping you begin to create technology-infused courses that will engage your students in purposeful, interactive learning activities.

The Institute is a collegial program; participants will view the courses of current UCR online instructors, give each other feedback on emerging course design elements, and share reflections on topics in the program related to good course design for student engagement.

Reflecting our campus commitment to online course quality and student engagement, we will explore and enact online ‘presence’, interaction and community building.

This summer the STIR Institute will run on Canvas LMS (Learning Management System). A series of live sessions and workshops during the summer will provide opportunities for sharing ideas, showcasing materials, and for scholarly reflection on teaching and learning in "on-ground" and virtual classrooms.

Program Structure and Dates (Summer 2019)

This flexible workshop will require a minimum of 20 hours of formal participation between June 10th and September 16th, with the expectation that some additional “out-of-class” study time will be devoted to some "getting started" pre-institute activities, research and materials preparation​, and one capstone assignment. The institute will also directly support ILTI grant preparation. Each online module will take approximately ​5-6​ hours of focused, formal study.

Either Module 1 - online

Getting ready to teach a blended or online course

June 10th  - August 30th (registration deadline)

or       Module 2 - online
Re/designing a blended/online course

June 10th  - August 30th (registration deadline)

Plus:  Module 3 - blended
Online Presence, Interaction & Community


[Everyone takes Module 3]

  • face-to-face events, workshops and online collaborative activities will take place between June 10th and September 16th: special seminars, workshops, guest speakers

  • STIR Showcase: Monday Sept 16th, 3-5pm

Which Modules Do I Take?

Module 1 ~ Getting ready to teach a blended or online course is designed for those who have never taught a blended/online course, or who want to get the basics for designing a superlative course of any kind; Module 1 is also the best place to start for ILTI grant intenders;

Module 2 ~ Re/designing a blended/online course is designed for those who have taught a blended/online course two or three times and now want to revise and revamp it in the company of other experienced online instructors;

Module 3 ~ Online Presence, Interaction & Community is the community-building component of STIR; everyone taking Module 1 or 2 will interact in live f2f sessions and online activities; there is flexibility in topic selection in Module 3.

Satisfactory Completion

To complete the Institute satisfactorily, and earn a STIR Certificate and letter of completion, you will need to finish

  • all required activities in either Module 1 or Module 2*, and

  • 5/9 activities in Module 3.

*Note: you can complete both Modules 1 and 2;  we'd recommend that to the curious and keen!

Intended Learning Outcomes (Institute-Level):

In addition to any personal learning outcomes you set yourself, and by completing all learning activities in two (2) modules of this Institute, you will:

  • begin to re/design a new/existing course following research-based principles that will engage your students in active, deep learning;

  • be able to design thoughtfully sequenced learning outcomes, activities and assessments that foster deep learning;

  • have a range of instructional strategies to help your students get started, maintain their participation, and complete your course;

  • design and present one of the following:

    • a prototype for one module (topic, chapter, week) to bring to light the “nuts and bolts” - technological and pedagogical considerations - of your online course, or

    • a revised course syllabus, or

    • a draft course grant application.

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