Classroom Polling

Introducing a New Way to Click

Based on faculty and student feedback, Information Technology Solutions (ITS) is pleased to announce the implementation of Poll Everywhere - a dynamic, mobile-first, next generation polling solution for campus. This new system, while retaining the benefits of traditional clickers, utilizes technology to add in additional polling features and can also be used to engage and stimulate discourse in the classroom.

  • Poll Everywhere allows instructors to ask students questions and receive immediate feedback.
  • Students can answer questions using the Poll Everywhere app on their mobile devices, or through a web browser.
  • Both questions and responses can be displayed live in Keynote, PowerPoint, Google Slides, and/or on the web.
  • Poll Everywhere transforms traditional presentations into two-way conversations with the audience.

Faculty Experience

"It made it possible to have more student interaction in large lecture classes. I especially like that you can have students respond via free text and not just multiple choice questions. It's challenging to have a discussion in a class of that size, and Poll Everywhere helps to create that type of environment, as well as break down some of the anxiety for students who might not be comfortable sharing/speaking in a large group environment. where are these quotes from? our campus? if not, then we shouldn't use them. same for the student comment below."

Student Experience

"Having tried Poll Everywhere in a variety of class settings, I find it to be not only beneficial, but also preferable. It engages students in both small discussion and large lecture courses, pushing them to pay closer attention to the material being taught. With the diverse polling options, it's no longer passable that a student just guesses the answer. As a student, I enjoy the lack of cost and the flexibility of devices in which I can access Poll Everywhere. The anxiety of raising your hand or forgetting a clicker is no longer relevant and, personally, taking away those stressors allows me to feel more comfortable and be better focused in a learning environment."

Why Use Poll Everywhere?

  • Mobile First: Students no longer need to purchase clicker devices. They can use mobile phones, tablets, or laptops, etc.
  • Seamless Presentations: On the web or in PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides. Wherever you create presentations, Poll Everywhere creates two-way conversations with your students.
  • iLearn Syncing: Import your student roster from iLearn into Poll Everywhere, and export polling scores from Poll Everywhere to iLearn
  • Unmatched flexibility: Create icebreaker games, exit surveys, brainstorming sessions and town hall Q&As, all in the same place. Then customize the branding and visuals to make it your own.

Hear from the entire class at once

Instructors may use interactive questions to gauge understanding and adjust lectures based on feedback from the entire room. Students respond simultaneously from the privacy of their tablets or other, web-enabled devices. Poll Everywhere gives students who may be reluctant to talk in large classes an opportunity to respond freely alongside their peers without the pressure of calling attention to themselves.

Since published responses remain anonymous to other students, everyone can focus on what is said rather than who said it. All students have an equal opportunity to be heard.

  • Create a question
  • Collect responses
  • Discuss the results

Poll Everywhere Capabilities and Use Cases

  • Simple, easy to use, feature rich
  • Integrates with presentation software (PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides)
  • Wide range of question types available (word cloud,, image hot spots, etc.)
  • Anonymous polling
  • Gauging students' understanding of concepts during class
  • Supports SMS responses
  • Encourages dialogue in the classroom
  • Tracking attendance

General Information

Instructor Access
To begin use Poll Everywhere, as an instructor, you can visit, and enter your UCR email address.
You will be then be prompted to login via CAS, using your UCR NetID

Once you login your account will be created, and you can begin creating your polls.
To learn more, start here:

How do I get started with Poll Everywhere?
Instructor FAQs

 Student Device Checkout 
If your students do not have devices available to participate in polls, ITS has a limited number of devices available for checkout. Please use the following form to request a device for your student.

Polling Device Checkout Form
Laptop Checkout Info.

Getting Started
Video Tutorials
UCR ServiceLink Articles

Request a Presenter Account
If you are a TA or staff and are interested In taking advantage of Poll Everywhere for your course or other use case, please submit the following form:

Polling Presenter Form

Support Information

Poll Everywhere Support
As part of Poll Everywhere, faculty and students receive support directly from Poll Everywhere. The Poll Everywhere support team is available Monday - Friday from 5AM - 5PM.

You can reach Poll Everywhere by contacting 1-800-388-2039 or via email at

For help on classroom computers, or iLearn sync issues, please submit a request via the "Submit a Support Ticket" link on our Service Link system.

Webinars from Poll Everywhere
Every Thursday at 1PM PDT
Weekly interactive webinars

HITT Clickers

Poll Everywhere Clickers Comparison


If you would like to continue to use HITT clickers this quarter in lieu of Poll Everywhere please submit a request form.